First Supper

by Deson Teninchy

Track listing: Bosses Boss Up, THAT'S ILL, The Whole Enchilada, King David, Entrepreneur Spirit, Excellent Servant (Remix), Step Aside, Minding My Business, Black Intelligence, Thank You

First Supper is the latest album from Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop artist / producer Deson Teninchy. Released on the Estate Entertainment label, Deson's lyrics spit honesty and consciousness with a no-holds-barred aggressiveness toward the world around him. "That's Ill" straight calls out what's ill vs. what's real. And "The Whole Enchilada" dives into the business behind the music--the deals, trials, and tribulations happening behind the scenes.

Estate Entertainment rep Nicole White says that in making the record, "We've tried to capture Deson's passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery on First Supper to counterbalance it with its underlying wit, metaphors, and the strength of an inner-city point of view within its content."

What is clear is that Deson Teninchy brings his bevy of talents together in First Supper. The album's production is crisp. Rhymes are tight. Lyrics are raw and real, avoiding clichés and retreaded subject matter. Follow Deson Teninchy on social media and stream his music on your favorite platform. Details at

Posted on 1/4/23