Fools & Mystics

by David Singley

Track listing: Change Gonna Come, Paradise, Cartoon Heart, Some Other Song, Hard Way To Do A Thing, Workin' All Mornin', Love Will Take Its Time, Can't Find My Way Back, Go Back Home, Don't Worry 'Bout Mama No More

Only half a song into David Singley's newest album Fools & Mystics, you can already tell it's going to be a thoroughly gorgeous record. Cut from the cloth and taking inspiration from some of America's great songwriters--Taylor, Croce, Lightfoot, Browne, et al--his guitar work is pristine, his voice sublime, and songwriting well-crafted.

"Paradise" is an homage to America. Not 'Murica, as a satirical theme, but rather the land as it existed when European settlers first arrived--an untouched land populated by those who loved, respected, and worshipped the land, water, and Mother Nature. No doubt influenced by his experience in touring Broadway productions, there's a certain element of musical theater in the lyrics and arrangement. There's a lesson to learn here, framed in sweet major-key progressions.

Then the lively bluegrass number "Cartoon Heart" swings its way through your head. Two-steppin' fun, guit-fiddlin' swing, and a chuggin' train backbeat. From there you get a bit of a rocker in "Some Other Song" and a little Motown-influenced Soul sound in "Hard Way To Do a Thing." By the time "Workin' All Mornin'" kicks in with its light funky feel, Hammond B3 dancing around the room, you're ready for a little dancin' and throwin' back a few drinks with friends.

Singley's got something here with Fools & Mystics. He's been a regular on the Americana charts with his previous releases, so you can expect at least that level of support for this effort. "Paradise" dropped on February 27th of this year, with "Cartoon Heart" and "Don't Worry 'Bout Mama No More" set for spring and summer releases respectively.

It's fun to listen to a full-bodied record in this vein. Fools & Mystics hits with its production and confident takes on Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and a little Rock blended in for good measure. Learn more about Singley, follow the upcoming releases, and keep up with him on social media at

Posted on 5/21/24