by 45trona Ut

Track listing: Funkspatial, Exploration Station, Aboard the Party Shuttle, Let's Get Funky, Let the Party Start, Stardust, Planet Jsb, Gallop, Planet D'agro, Hope, Planet Sant'alessio

Limelight. That's what 45trona Ut's (pronounced "Astronaut") album Funkspatial brings to my mind. Throughout the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's, when you wanted to dance in NYC and didn't feel like heading into midtown, Limelight was where you went. Once an old cathedral, Limelight used its multiple rooms to suit your dancing needs. The cavernous sanctuary was home to an all-night rave vibe. There were also rooms down various halls that catered to Hip-hop crowds and 80s music fans. But stepping into the sanctuary is what Funkspatial does to me.

Upbeat. Dance. Trance. Space. 45trona Ut puts a blend of dance sub-genres into this album. The sounds overall are crisp, clean, and tight—mostly keyboard-generated sounds and samples, rather than samples of Top 40 hits or obscure old funk songs.

Where you might want more out of your dance is in the realm of intensity. Funkspatial is not a raging, dubby hardcore album of dance remixes. The loops don't attack you with their aggression. On the contrary, parts of "Stardust" have a Casio-like 90's-video-game feel.

45trona Ut is worth picking up, for those looking to find a new dance/EDM artist whose music can slip easily into their music collections. And when I think back on the nights at Limelight, Funkspatial is likely going to be the trigger for the memory.

Posted on 4/17/13