by B.U.N.K.S.

Track listing: The Message (Intro), Tired of Bein Ignored, All About the Benjamins, All These Thoughts, Trapped, Coffee Flavored Memories, Generica, Swallow the Pill, Addicted, Sunday Nite Cruise, We Rock We Roll, If I Die, The Message (Outro), Ridin Thru Tennessee

There’s a lot said about a band or musician that speaks the truth, one that goes against the grain, stands up and says: we weren't born to be clones, we weren't born to be greedy, to take everything and never think twice about what you could give back, we weren't born to cheat, lie, or make others miserable. Sadly it seems that so much of the world is becoming that way, sad, greedy and generic.

Generica by BUNKS is far from any of those things, in fact, this unique, honest hip hop group are like a breath of fresh air. Clean, full of promise, and they leave you wanting more.

The album consists of honest truths and wide eyed observations. BUNKS, which consists of Joshua Smotherman and Joshua Grosch don't just touch on subjects like improving American society, the struggles and heartfelt joys of being a parent, consumerism, chemical dependency, obesity, materialism and other social observations, they feel them! They have faith in the words and messages they convey, and so do I. Listening to this album made me realise that people are still seeing what's going on around them, that they care about what goes on around them and that there is hope for every one of them.

Apart from the lyrics and message of the album, Generica is also equipped with beautiful melodies that compliment these well thought out lyrics. Joshua and Joshua have obviously put their heart and soul into their music and it shows in the sound and quality of the tracks. The two musicians have sewn together an honest to god beautiful album.

I personally love how well their voices work together; just hand in hand it flows. That to me is how music should be, you live it, you breathe it, and you love it.

The thing I loved most about this particular album by BUNKS, is not just that every song within this album is filled with truthful observations, Generica is fueled with words from real people who live in the real world and see what's going on behind the glitter and the gloss. While the rich are living it up, they forget about the people who need a hand and are swallowed by greed and general lack of observation they stop seeing.

BUNKS puts a magnifying glass over the overlooked.

A stand out song for me was "Coffee Flavored Memories," it is a real down to earth song about their home town, “an ode to the great land known as coffee county” where Joshua. S and Joshua. G first met and put this plan into action.

BUNKS has donated all the proceeds from "Coffee Flavored Memories" to the Hillsboro Community Backpack Program. I hope that after reading this you go and check out this magnificent album as. Good work guys, it's an amazing album and an amazing cause.

Posted on 3/11/13