Get It Got It

by Lady Cam

Track listing: Get It Started, Holla, Get It Got It, Pocket Book, Queen of a Queen, They Hate it, Never Give Up, Crush, On the Fly, My Story

Get it Got it is the ninth album by Baton Rouge rapper/producer Lady Cam. If ever there was a homegrown, grassroots artist, here she is. Lady Cam was discovered at home (by her mom) and does her own writing, performing, and production.

Divas and we crazy like, ballin' and we lady like, yep we get'n education, don't be scard to make me wife, don't be scard to make it right, take bad boys and make'm nice This album is driven by Lady Cam's rhymes. Her flow is strong and confident, drawing stylistic comparisons to rappers Eve and Trina. But style of delivery is where those similarities end. Lyrically, Lady Cam distinguishes herself from many prominent female rappers. For her, her songs center on confidence, respect, and living life right.

"Get It Started" kicks off the album showing off Cam's skills--her speed and delivery is crisp. "Holla" takes an introspective turn, revealing how and why music became an outlet at an early age. And the title track sets expectations for who and what Lady Cam is all about.

With Get it Got it continues to establish herself, communicating to listeners who she is and what her life's about. And her audience? Lady Cam's letting everyone know—her fans, men, and even haters—Lady Cam is back again, for the ninth time, making a name for herself.

Posted on 6/19/14