Good Vibes

by Patrick & Daniels

Track listing: Cruisin' for a Groovin' (feat. Justin Maki), Good Vibes (feat. Justin Maki), She's Just Not That Into You (feat. Justin Maki), It's Hard to Leave the Love of Your Life, Seasons, I'm Allowed to Dream, New Years, Somebody (feat. Alexandra Rodgerson), Working Mans Blues, When You Play the Blues (feat. Justin Maki), Worth a Try (Bonus Track)

Who doesn't love a good acoustic vibe? Or in this case, switch the wording around to "acoustic Good Vibes." Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that's exactly what Patrick and Daniels are cranking out. Their album Good Vibes dropped in January 2023 and the duo (striving to eventually grow into a 7-piece band) hasn't stopped working since.

A little Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and a dash of Maroon 5 vocal velvet, the duo (joined by Justin Maki on 3 tracks and Alexandra Rodgerson on 1) of Jesse Patrick and Tyler Daniels have put together a chill, grooving, light, funky acoustic set of songs. And they've been noticed, getting nominated for 2023 ISSA Awards for International Male duo Vocalists of the Year and Good Vibes receiving a nod for both International Male Video of the Year and International Male Album of the Year.

The album travels from ballads to blues and acoustic-y funk featuring some tight guitar performances, crisp harmonies, and even a little bit of rapping in the title track. And they pull it off live, as well, as seen in this 2-hour live set at The Carleton in Halifax.

But Good Vibes as an album is a delightful listen. It's served me well while driving, background music while working, and can absolutely help you get through a slough of yardwork duties on the weekend. Keep up with Patrick & Daniels, watch for upcoming shows, and follow them on all the socials and streaming sites at

Posted on 4/27/23