Hell of a Night

by Sanghera

Track listing: Hottest Thing Around, One Hell of a Night, Summer Nights, I'm Sanghera, Break, Night & Day

Sanghera is a San Francisco based rapper who writes music unique among rappers today, exuding talent and confidence (read: not cockiness) on his latest album Hell of a Night. The lack of biographical information on Sanghera’s various social media sites seems to be making a statement: Sanghera wants you to focus on his music...and nothing else.

The meaning behind his stage name is the word gotra, meaning "clan" in Hindi. This clan is associated with the Jat people, a group in Northern India and Pakistan. While Sanghera’s music does not have any influence from these regions, his songs have energy and Hip-Hop stylings that give his music appeal. His tracks feature varied instrumentation, including pianos and trumpets, which adds an acoustic feel to an electronic-dominated genre.

On “Hottest Thing Around,” strings and bass surround the beat, and Sanghera uses different voices that add to the song's texture and flavor. “I’m Sanghera” begins with a trumpet that hints at a possible jazz influence, and demonstrating that Sanghera's music eschews labels—stepping across the boundaries of rap, jazz, Hip-Hop—merging multiple styles into one that is boldly and distinctively his own.

“Summer Nights” relaxed, urban feel features a female vocal, as well as Sanghera's own. While the beat drives the song, a touch of piano adds a surprising beauty.

Hell of A Night is a strong EP that bridges different styles together effortlessly, and Sanghera has done a great job making sure that each song can stand on its own. You can listen to Hell of a Night in its entirety at iamsanghera.com.

Posted on 6/19/13