Home Free / Medicinal Hookers

by King Felix

Track listing: Home Free (Original Mix), Home Free (Aktix Remix), Medicinal Hookers (Original Mix)

The latest creation by the Los Angeles electronica collective known as King Felix is Home Free / Medicinal Hookers. The mixes, released by Porcs Records, are now available on Beatport.

King Felix builds a sonic soundscape akin to Skrillex, minus the grating, edgy sounds that make you want to cut somebody. Their grooves would feel at home in the hands of a dance club DJ, or dropped into the middle of a rave at 4 a.m.

With Home Free / Medicinal Hookers, the group hopes to connect more deeply with the fans who inspired their collaboration in the first place. These tracks rock, vibe, and display the electronic and acoustic instrumental talents of King Felix members Jason Toth, Edgar Sandoval, Denis Madrigal, Raymond Milco, Antonio Venegas, and Shaun Ausmus.

Home Free / Medicinal Hookers represents a broad sampling of King Felix's dance music prowess. The tracks center on a dreamy trance vibe yet bump with enough bass to power an energized dance floor. The EP includes three tracks: the original mixes of both "Home Free" and "Medicinal Hookers," along with a remix of "Home Free" by London DJ, Aktix.

Posted on 3/25/13