Hoodies Home (Single)

by Hoodie Jare

Track listing: Hoodies Home

Hoodie Jare is raw: "A white boy that's half Mexican, still have fucked up credit so I had to hit up Lexington." It's a cliché but when "it is what it is," that's what you get with Hoodie Jare. There's no mystery, no aura. His persona is all spelled out in his rhymes.

While he spends time between Seattle and Salt Lake City, it's the latter where his musical baby Mic Master Alliance was born and raised. A league of rap battles, face-offs, and performances goes back more than a decade, with dozens of videos available on the Mic Masters Alliance YouTube profile.

But today we're not here for Mic Masters. Now it's all about Hoodie Jare's latest single "Hoodies Home." An autobiographical day-in-the life anthem of self-awareness and self-assertion, Jare spits rhymes at you. His gruff vocal style is more DMX than Pac but also isn't over the top. There's a humbleness to his style. Just off of one song, you don't hear an arrogance. Confidence, yes. But there's not a condescension to Hoodie's sound.

Hoodie Jare on Spotify is coming along. A work making steady progress. All of his tracks have a few thousands streams but so far "Hoodies Home" is making the most noise, now at nearly 15,000 streams. Check out Hoodie Jare and follow him on all social media and streaming sites: songwhip.com/hoodie-jare/hoodieshome.

Posted on 6/8/23