I Can't Lose You (Single)

by The Sometimes Island

The Sometimes Island discography has traveled a gently winding road. Their EP The Bad People was very synth-heavy. Almost an L'Orchestra Cinématique vibe at times, maybe some MGMT influence, with the exception of their beautiful starkly acoustic "Mornings Are The Worst."

But with a bio that nods to Daft Punk, Fleet Foxes, and The 1975, and Buzznet using the words "the future of synthpop," you come to The Sometimes Island's latest single "I Can't Lose You" with some expectations already in place.

Well, check those at the door. "I Can't Lose You" is a straight-ahead mid-tempo sentimental indie rock break-up anthem. The production is decorated nicely with a steel guitar lead, the arrangement incorporates a wonderfully powerful 1/2-time change-up before the outro... It's just a well done emotion-laden love song.

It's the third single off their upcoming Pilot EP, which the band describes as "…a story of love, loss & nostalgic regret set to country-influenced indie prom band vibes." They've released one song each month building up to the EP's official release date.

You paralyze me by
The way you look tonight
You make me feel like I could jump out a window
And learn to fly

The Sometimes Island centers around songwriter Matt Blankenship, Jr., originally from Austin, Texas but based in Los Angeles for a number of years. You can hear a bit of Texas twang in the strains of "I Can't Lose You," but the song is universal in its pulling at every listeners' heartstrings.

Posted on 2/20/21