I Won't Listen

by Coma Beach

Track listing: I Won't Listen, The Past Of The Future, Passion, Another Song

I Won't Listen is the latest release by German Punk/Rock/Alt band Coma Beach. Kicking off with the fairly morose title track, "I Wont' Listen" is a bit bitter. The song is an homage to Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot, embracing the harsh emotionally painful story of the protagonist. Very Punk in nature and production, "I Won't Listen" is the song you would envision if someone asked you to imagine German Punk.

Kicking things up a notch is the more electric, distorted "The Past of the Future." Cue darker, more grumbly Lemmy-esque vocals! Really a blend of Punk and Rock, Coma Beach literally brings the noise with this one. The EP brings together alternate tracks from the group's The Scapegoat's Agony album, with this version of "The Past of the Future" being a heavily edited-down rendition of the original album version.

Taking a more sentimental approach, the tempo slows way down for "Passion," a song that originally appeared on the band's 1995 demo! Beginning quietly, "Passion" gains steam as it progresses, eventually peaking in the halftime chorus, where our antihero writhes and battles with his own sense of uselessness. Almost Floydian-Wall in its dark, helpless overtones. "Another Song" completes the EP with a clean-channel guitar, uptempo vibe, alternating lead vocals throughout the choruses. The track maintains the record's themes of instability, trial and tribulation.

I Won't Listen dropped on May 9, 2024. While it's brand new, the songs themselves date back years, coming together in a fresh presentation for the modern day. You can check out Coma Beach, the new EP, and their entire discography and social platforms at distrokid.com/hyperfollow/comabeach/i-wont-listen.

Posted on 6/27/24