In The Mood (Single)

by The Sunset Kings

What have you gotten accomplished during the pandemic? We've all seen many people learn to bake bread. Some people gained the covid 19 pounds and fewer were inspired to focus and take on a new hobby. Yay.

But Boston-based indie rock group The Sunset Kings got to work! Vocalist Star produced and mixed their new mixtape entitled Shadow Work In Technicolor. The work as a whole delves into the band's struggles with the immense amount of tragedy they've endured recently. In addition to all the 'normal' setbacks caused by the pandemic, The Sunset Kings dealt with grieving the accidental death of their bassist. And Star left the city to spend time helping his father recover from a 2-month-long Covid-induced coma. 

Get In The Mood with The Sunset Kings
The Sunset Kings get In The Mood

But the turmoil didn't stop the music. 

"In The Mood" is a single off the mixtape that deals with some of the issues not directly related to the virus: relationships. Sort of the unspoken victim of quarantine. I mean, how the hell can you build or maintain a relationship when you're sequestered in your home? 

The track's feel channels some serious Post Malone production vibes, with the creative addition of saxophone and piano. It could have easily slipped into a quieter moment during The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime spectacular.

It's been creepin' up slowly, the feeling that it's over
We're growing apart
The only thing that's keeping us together is not knowing
If we can move on

As we collectively emerge from our viral haze, The Sunset Kings have found themselves positioned nicely. Call it a silver lining on a hurricane's cloud, or maybe the one house left in the aftermath of a tornado. But with "In The Mood" and the rest of Shadow Work In Technicolor the group has a strong, contemporary collection of songs that are relevant, important, and set to strong grooves that will mix nicely into your favorite playlist.

Posted on 3/4/21