by Matthew Heller

Track listing: Father’s Son, Space Girl, Shake It, Another Dose, Interlude, Howdy from Hades, Mercy, Man’s Prayer, Drone Strike, Jaclyn of Spades, Sink or Swim, Dismay King

Portland, Oregon’s Matthew Heller has gained praise and comparison to the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins tumultuous frontman Billy Corgan, both in lyrical sound and style. Heller writes songs that are far from lacking passion and realness, something rarely heard today—gritty, dirty folk songs that are rotten and raw to the core!

Heller’s latest effort titled Invitation tells grizzly and courageous tales from within—a winding journey through his personal angst and experience, songs that speak for themselves. He’s unapologetic with “Drone Strike,” a politically driven 'fuck you' of sorts. Heller tells an account that’s much closer to home on the song “Howdy From Hades,” a slow-moving tale of heroin addiction and the battle of soul and inner demons.

So there’s the Billy Corgan comparison, but where the hell is the Jack White comparison? Insert the track titled “Another Dose.” Awesome, just awesome—starting off with some fast, choppy acoustic guitar licks before eventually smacking the listener with a short-tempered, explosive tenacity.

Score it 8.5/10

Posted on 4/29/13