John Wayne Gacy (Single)

by The MC Type

Track listing: John Wayne Gacy

What's the wittiest, most ridiculous rapper you know? Well, whoever they are they've got some stiff competition now. Auckland-based The MC Type puts it all out there: sex, poop, penis, politics, and general stupidity are all fair game. His latest single is "John Wayne Gacy" isn't really about the notorious clown-turned-serial killer at all, beyond the chorus. But the song is pure fire, just the tip of the bizarre iceberg that is The MC Type's discography.

Saturday night I'm in my sweat pants farting, or the back of an IROC listening to an iPod, playing with my cock while chewing on a Tide Pod

In the tradition of rapping humorists like Biz Markie, carried on by the likes of Tyler the Creator and Lil Dicky, The MC Type just goes for it 110%, 25/8/366. It's over the top...and an absolute joyful listen if your ears aren't too sensitive.

References to Casey Anthony, MAGA, WMDs, ANTIFA, and numerous lines dealing with various aspects of genitalia and defecation abound. The backing track has a solid 70s funk vibe to it--horns accenting the chorus, a groovy bassline driving the rhymes, and little bits of group backing vocals giving it that "Deeper Shade of Soul" good time sensibility. 

For those who can't catch every lyric, The MC Type has done you a solid. The lyric video for "John Wayne Gacy" puts it all out there for you. Check it out and then visit to learn more about The MC Type and the extraordinary world he lives in. Follow him on the socials, too, but be ready for some NSFW sound coming through. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Posted on 5/1/24