Killing Zoë

by echo juliet

Track listing: I Know You, Confusion, Where We Should Be, Zoë, Still, (That’s the Way) It Goes, Cricket’s Song, Don’t Be Afraid to Cry, Sunshine

Recorded: 1994
Best track: probably "Zoë"
Tracks to skip: most of it
Rating: 67 out of 100

D’oh! I just was playing what I thought was this demo, but it was actually our CD from 2 years later (dubbed on the other side). I was thinking “Wow, we sounded great at the beginning of the band!” Ha ha ha, that’s so funny. Anyway, this was recorded in Bryan’s living room on Christine’s 4 track. On here I’m still not that great of a player and Bryan hadn’t yet developed into a good soloist yet. We were all not that great this early in our careers. During the course of the band we got really good. We started out just OK.

I can’t play reggae properly on here and my part on "Where We Should Be" is pretty weak. This song is weak as well, but I don’t help any. "Zoë" sounds better and it’s interesting to hear Bryan’s solo before he started sticking the “Entertainer” lick in at the end. Wow, I never noticed how similar "It Goes" is to Bryan’s later song, "The Last Romantic." They both start out very similar. Hmmm.

We really weren’t a very good band at this stage and most of these songs we can’t play too well. I think we’d only been together a month or two when we did this. Maybe we were just nervous, or just not that great, but there isn’t much energy at all in these tracks. It sounds like we were just fumbling around on here. Not a very impressive demo.

Posted on 4/15/02