L​.​I​.​F​.​E. - Living In Fragile Environments

by Mr. P Chill

Track listing: This Circus, Home, Searching, Diggin' (Crate Digger's Anthem), Morning Coffee, Social Distancing (Feat. Cee Knowledge), Where Do We Go?, Freedom, Millions Of Militants (Feat. Mike Colossal), Subliminal (Feat. J.Smo, AlphiyOda1 & Mike Colossal), Reflections

Mr. P Chill started writing his 14th album in mid-2019 as a journey through his own emotions: the loss of his mother, the life of a middle age touring musician.

Diggin' Ad in Times Square
Diggin' in Times Square

Then 20 muthafuckin' 20 happened...

COVID-19, the swell of publicity and activism surrounding our country's racial divide and ongoing injustice, and a narcissistic president who reveled in fanning the flames of it all.

Over that timespan, the album originally intended to be L.I.F.E. - Love In Full Effect transformed into an album of anger and concern for our nation, evolving into Living In Fragile Environments. What we're listening to, then, is a record that covers it all.

You've got "Diggin' (Crate Digger's Anthem)" which is just that--an homage to the craft of discovering the best tracks for the next album. It's a love, a hobby, a skill, and maybe even a bit of an addiction, all rolled into one. But you can feel the love described between record owner and vinyl enthusiast. It's a symbiotic relationship built on mutual respect and a love of music. 

Billboards in Salem, Oregon and Stockton, California
Salem, OR and Stockton, CA

"Morning Coffee" seems to be a pre-pandemic tune that examines the questions we all have as we hang at home and witness what's happening around the world. And is that a sample of Mr P Chill's actual cat?

Then you've got the harder hitters. "Social Distancing (Feat. Cee Knowledge)" is frightening in its reality; a reminder of what we all felt as Spring 2020 melted into 'Blursday,' that impossibly fast-passing of Summer/Fall/Winter 2020. Filled with snippets from the news and reminders of the first time we all learned that "normal" was gone.

Mr. P Chill doesn't face L.I.F.E. alone, though. The album features Cee Knowledge, Mike Colossal, J.Smo, AlphiyOda1 & Mike Colossal. It doesn't necessarily take a village to make a record, but Mr P Chill has been about collaboration and strengthening his musical family, whether it be in the studio or planning his next tour.

L.I.F.E. - Living In Fragile Environments dropped on January 29th. It's available on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl, as well as on mrpchillmusic.com. Check his site for details--there are a couple cool 7" vinyls available along with his own MicStar logo on masks, 45 adapters, and more. You can also listen to the album now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Posted on 2/15/21