by Involusion

Track listing: 9th Circle, , All For You, Sorrow, Sunsets, Brenna, Drowning, One Night, August, Spiral Down, By Starlight

Right off the bat, you hear Involusion infusing powerful feelings and intense emotions into their latest album Lilith. Jacob Willey and Matthew Randall write with a depth in their songs that shine through in each track. The album's darker tones have roots deep in heavy metal/art rock, along the lines of Deftones and A Perfect Circle.

Involusion is an alternative post-grunge band from Pensacola, Florida. Lyricist Jacob Willey served a tour in Iraq, and upon his return he had many memories he couldn’t let go of. As a result of his therapy sessions, he turned his memories into these songs. Willey has created an exceptional experimental rock group that clearly connects intensely with its fan base.

The album starts off slowly, easing you in, then gradually turns to a bit faster and dark, keeping a mellow tempo—“The Night” demonstrates this superbly. It starts off with some soft guitar chords, followed by a nice bass introduction. Then the electric guitar and drums kick in giving the song a rich, dark ambience. Bringing it all together are the mid-song keyboards, similar to the build found in “All For You” and “August”. “Sorrow” is more vocal-focused, and nearly overwhelming from beginning to end.

Involusion is a good listen when you’re in the mood to just kick back, and either chill out or find some introspective inspiration and motivation.

Posted on 1/17/13