by Dylan Lock

Track listing: Killer and the Sin, Don't Stumble, This Girl, She's Lost, The One

Dylan Lock is an Ontario-based singer/songwriter who brings to mind a blend of Ben Folds' piano-first style and the pop-meets-reggae lyrical melodies of Maroon 5. His new album is set for release in 2013 and shows great promise, even while still in its recording and production stages.

While Dylan's songs are undeniably catchy and fun, his voice is not to be overlooked—not quite the grandeur of Michael Bublé, but Lock's wide vocal range is evident throughout his music.

On the new album, "Killer and the Sin" brings a deliberate, mysterious aura to the table while the danceable "Don't Stumble" is a radio-ready sing-a-long pop hit. "This Girl" offers a stylistic change-up, featuring Lock's vocals and diverse songwriting ability. For the pogo-ing and polka-ing crowds, "She's Lost" lacks only a crowd for it to work a live-show audience into a dancing frenzy. "The One" is an honest and genuine toe-tapping tale of adoration.

Dylan Lock's star is on the rise. With a stout following of online fans, and most of the songs ready for his upcoming album, expect 2013 to be a good year for him. Don't be surprised if you hear his name on Top 40 radio in the near future.

Posted on 12/4/12