Love In Tent EP

by Love In Tent

Track listing: You're Beautiful, Rock the Night, I'm Alive, Falling for You, Your Lips, Driving Me Crazy

Love In Tent is a trio from Maui's West side, comprised of lead singer Junior Siqueira, bassist Keawe Witman, and Ian on drums. The group's sound is truly the finest, most easy going beachside pop/rock/dance music since the mainstream arrival of fellow islander, Jack Johnson. Unlike Johnson, though, Siqueira hails from from Brazil, but has lived on Maui for almost a decade.

The band's newest recording, an EP also called Love In Tent, sounds unlike many Hawaiian bands—Junior’s vocal style is at once familiar but unique, similar to Matt Costa, Ben Lee, John Butler, and G.Love, but rolled all into one. The songs are happy-go-lucky, combining dance music, acoustic guitars, uptempo beats, and a taste of rap styling to round things out. They separate themselves from many other bands by not only creating their bright, light pop music, but also by playing house and reggae music. Visualize Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, minus some pop glitz and having some island flavor.

Love In Tent is a radio-ready EP. With the right promotion and exposure, do not be surprised if you hear the band on mainstream airwaves soon! And when you find yourself driving to the beach with the top down, throw some Love In Tent into the mix to complete the experience.

Posted on 2/18/13