Lucky Silverback

by The MC Type

Track listing: Hello Again, John Wayne Gacy, Party Bug (ft. A-F-R-O), Whoopee Cushion, Sex Cymbals (ft. Billy the Fridge), F Boi, Folding Chair (ft. Greg Cypher and Blueprint), Full Life Crisis (ft. Sage Francis), Being Happy is Stupid, Over the Influence (ft. P.O.S), Cool Story Bro (ft. Louis Logic), That's Gay!!!, Big Limpin', A Diss Track for Our Dead Friend (ft. Grieves), Irish Goodbye

Lucky Silverback is the brand new full-length album from Auckland-based humor-rapper The MC Type. After reviewing their single "John Wayne Gacy," I was smitten by the laid-back comedic vibe. Comparisons abound in my head. I hear bits of Del the Funky Homosapien, De La Soul, Macklemore, Urban Dance Squad, Biz Markie, and even some of the lighter-hearted takes Eminem has put out there. 

After a decade of walking away from music to start a career in TV commercial writing, Type is back... "Lucky Silverback" is much more than a comeback. It's a massive middle finger to cancel culture and a declaration of war against people who try to censor what we can joke about now.

The lead-off Gacy single was dark-humored but jams like "Party Bug," "Whoopee Cushion" and "Irish Goodbye" are just straight-up the best way possible. MC Type's samples are courtesy of Pen Pointz--old school funk, complete with horn sections, phat bass grooves, and clean-channel guitar tracks. Could absolutely serve as the soundtrack for the comedic rewrite of Shaft or Foxy Brown

Lucky Silverback is a bit of a comeback (but don't call it a comeback) after The MC Type went strong from '07-'14. But after pursuing avenues to write for commercial projects, The MC Type is back in their natural habitat, spittin' rhymes that turn heads, making those of weak constitutions question themselves & their motives. Lucky Silverback is absolutely a big "Fuck You" to those who may have hoped to channel The MC Type into more productive endeavors. 

Wrapping things up on the record, at least in the 'penultimate' spot on the album, is "A Diss Track For Our Dead Friend." Forget Kendrick and Drake, you've got the real diss track here. Not really, though. An homage more than a diss track, "Fuck you for dyin' too soon, Dice" is as diss-y as it gets. It's a fun tune. I hope someone writes a good rap for me when I die. Who wouldn't want that, right? In a nod to true respect, the track ends "Thank you for changing my life."

And as you might expect if you were hanging with The MC Type at a real-life party, he ends Lucky Silverback with "Irish Goodbye." It's a great way to end the record--upbeat, 70s style string section, and the same biting lyrical tone as the rest of the album. Lucky Silverback is gooood. Throw it on and enjoy the next hour.

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Posted on 5/13/24