Mad Oklahoma (Single)

by Bad Mother Nature

Holy Shit! I'm inside the soundtrack to a kickass bastard child of a Clint Eastwood western and Young Guns...and loving it! You've got the spaghetti western whistling, some dancing castanets, an ocarina (no, that's not a pan flute you dummy), and I believe I hear an afuche cabasa in there (ya know, that thing you hear in Ozzy's "Crazy Train"?).

"Mad Oklahoma" begins with a rousing classical Spanish-style guitar flourish. You almost think you're moving into "Classical Gas" territory. Cue the piano and castanets. And harmonica. It's high noon at the damned OK Corral up in here. Then the song kicks in and it's got a Jethro Tull vibe that morphs a bit with an Eagles soundscape, with it's super-tight vocal harmonies. 

We've all got our own "Mad Oklahoma." For me it's probably the small West Texas towns I grew up in. For you, maybe it's a town, or a relationship, or a job, or some other thing that's run its course for you, cueing you that it's high time to get up and move on out.

Bad Mother Nature has a gem with this one. Listening through their discography, they've taken the old school sound they've cultivated to a more mature level. They're getting to a place where they're channeling less of their influences now and finding their own voice. That said, it's worth taking a trip back in time to their YouTube Channel to see their 2018 live cover of Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower." Less rocking than most cover versions, but sincere. A fresh treatment of a legendary classic.

Posted on 3/11/21