Made Beautiful (Single) by JP.Kazadi

Track listing: Made Beautiful

A smooth groove. A mid-tempo funk backbeat. And praising the beauty that God creates.

All of this and more pours out of the speakers from JP.Kazadi's latest single "Made Beautiful." Reminiscent of a gorgeous Maxwell jam, "Made Beautiful" bobs and weaves its rhythm around you. And lyrically, ah man, Kazadi's found a muse to write an R&B gem about.

All I want, all I want, baby
God made you, God made you

He's got more to offer, too. Checking out his Spotify, you get a discography of singles that are basically Slow Jam instant classics. "Be My Lover," "Closer," "For You," and "Been a While" set a mood. Oh, do they ever!

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Posted on 3/30/23