"Memories" from the Soundtrack to "The Spirit of Toronto" Animated Series

by Gary Louca

Track listing: Memories

A backstory may be the best place to start, regarding a first for Coyote Music: a music review of a single that is part of the soundtrack of an in-progress series of animations. What?

It began with writer Gary Louca discovering a mysterious panel in a loft in his home, revealing a wondrous item. The unknown, the mystique, the potential of it all... It began to stir his imagination. And what it's resulted in is "The Spirit of Toronto," currently composed of several short animations being released on The Spirit of Toronto's  YouTube Channel.

“The proposed series is my first ever attempt at writing a potential TV / streaming show and animation," shared Louca, regarding a project he's spent years developing. Concepts became stories, a plot emerged, and Louca enlisted UK and USA feature film veteran Thayen Rich to begin illustrating the universe within the story.

Then came the music. 

Operatic. Electronic. Drum & Bass. Orchestral. It's a bit of all of these things. And to help bring it together Louca sent a demo of "Memories" to Holland-based composer Bradon Grobler, who gave the song its style and shape. But for a finishing touch the track was send on to Trovatori, an operatoric duo of Darren & Caroline Clarke, who created vocal parts in both English and Italian.

Memories #11 on Masspool Dance Chart
Memories #11 on Masspool Dance Chart

Since it’s release , “Memories” has gone on its own adventure, including being remixed into a Dance track and rising as high as #11 on the USA Masspool Dance Chart. Where it goes, and what is to come of the remainder of the series and soundtrack is also an adventure still to be told. We just don't know what may come. But in the tradition of true reality TV, we all get to follow "The Spirit of Toronto" as it unfolds before our eyes. You, too, can be a part of the experience of its growth and development. YouTube? Television? Film? Neither Louca nor I know where the series is headed. But you can follow along on the journey...

Louca has already created several episode concepts, to be released on the The Spirit of Toronto's YouTube Channel.

Posted on 4/18/23