by Klipht0n

Track listing: Eudaimonia, I Shall Leap, Closer, Bioluminescence, Confidant Beholden, Son Rise, Claim It, August Rush

Dropping March 31st is the latest album from Klipht0n entitled Metamorphosis. Psychedelic, spectral, funky, House, Trip hop--Metamorphosis is a bit of it all: simultaneously upbeat yet mellow; jazzy, trippy, breakbeat.

Based in Austin, Texas KliphtOn takes me on my own historical path through the record/tape/CD stores of Austin in the early 90s (Sound Exchange, Technophilia, Encore). While I dug through through the racks and stacks looking for brain mush glam rock, the music playing in the store was invariably more like KliphtOn: thought-provoking, intriguing, insightful, mysterious, complex without going too far into the realm of math-music. International in many cases.

What he's brought to the listener is not merely an album, but an experience. Nay, metamorphosis? It can be your mood music for a late night. Or a soundtrack for your time reading a book next to Barton Springs Pool (non-Austinites translate to any chill natural space in your own city). Or it's party time! Metamorphosis won't interrupt the fun but it will propel it without dominating your space.

It's what you want it to be. But what it certainly is, is a musical mood beyond just another release on another day from another artist. I'm not naturally attracted to electronic music more than as a fan of artists' creativity. But there's something deeply satisfying in KliphtOn's sound. The twists and turns of the rhythm and melody keep you on your toes, dancing around your mind, allowing you the freedom to choose between being absorbed by its intricacies or letting it serve as the soundtrack to your own completely separate adventure.

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Posted on 3/23/23