Molly (so WHAT?) (Single)

by Blake Shepperd

Track listing: Molly (so WHAT?)

"Is the fun nature of the night club scene dying out? Instead of dancing, people have their eyes glued to their damn cell phones. Some just aren't in a party mood anymore!"

This line opens Blake Shepperd's latest single "Molly (so WHAT?)." It resonates pretty powerfully in the modern day, at clubs, concerts, festivals...basically wherever you ingest your music. The disconnect sucks for artists and DJs alike. But "Molly (so WHAT?)" isn't so much of an activist's song attempting to motivate distracted crowds.

Once you get into the track itself, Shepperd delivers what he calls a "new rendition of House music blended with grimey 808s and bass synths." He spits his rhymes rough-like, DMX-style, infused into a raucous rock star persona. There's an urgency, an energy, a whole vibe of getting off your ass, living life to the max. Party hard with no regrets.

The production absolutely thumps--tightly arranged, effective drops, full-bodied sound, and the aforementioned 808 vibrates your soul to its very core. Lyrically, "Molly" cleverly presents...well, the need for a molly, and our protagonist not giving a shit if you care. Hell, he wants a hug along with it so it's all good, right?

Blake Shepperd's having fun with this one, "Flying to Florida with no plane." His phrases are creative, light-hearted and just really fuckin' fun. And if you aren't into it? So what?!?! What you should do is dig deep into Blake's socials and streaming platforms to either find something you like or GTFO.

Posted on 7/10/24