My Resignation

by Jerome Luke

Track listing: Just So You Know, The Devil's Blade, I Ain't Crazy, Meteorite, Through the Darkness, The Lone Ranger, Six Feet Under, Sincerely, My Lonely Heart, The Light, Ours by Hours, Hey Evelyn

Jerome Luke, a country and American guitar player from Denver, Colorado, plays a haunting and relaxing blend of Americana and country music, which is a breath of fresh air when picking apart the bands that are coming up in the current music scene. His music is comprised of acoustic guitars, simple bass lines, and low deep vocals that take after many old-time country artists like Johnny Cash, without sounding like he is trying to fake the distinctive twang heard in country music today.

The songs slated for his upcoming release, My Resignation, are good, solid efforts that will engage listeners from the beginning to the end. His soft blend of light country tunes will be a welcome respite for the country purists who want to listen to country music’s roots—exactly what Jerome seems to be doing.

The two songs that stand out the most are “For Your Soul” and “Just So You Know.” “For Your Soul" is a slow country tune that talks about a woman leaving her relationship for a man that will do more harm than good. It shows the depth of Luke’s talent and musicianship, with the roots of country music peeking through complete with country guitar riffs and good storytelling. “Just So You Know” is a song about a road that never ends and finding a friend that will always be loyal while staying on one particular path. Its vocals and guitars complement each other perfectly as Jerome tries to go for a relaxing song that takes listeners away from their troubles and go into someone else’s world.

Jerome Luke is a talented musician and songwriter whose music can be enjoyed by old and new country fans alike, as well as those music fans that do not enjoy country music. Look for the release of My Resignation in 2013.

Posted on 12/11/12