Not Alone

by Nick Taylor

Track listing: Dogs, Futures Past, 3am on the Interstate, Dead Land Future, Getting Along, Kentucky Girl, Heart on the Run, Broken Souls, Carry You Home, Songs About the Glory (Bonus hidden track: "Lover's Dream")

Nick Taylor released his debut album Not Alone on June 21, 2024. Originally hailing from Huffman, Texas but now calling Austin home, Not Alone's album release party is at the legendary Saxon Pub, 8-9:30PM on Thursday, July 4. Based on the album itself, those in attendance are going to hear a great set of Country sounds that hearken back to the genre's glory days. Taylor counts Waylon & Kris among his influences, along with newer faces including Zach Bryan and Hayes Carll.

Not Alone paints a gorgeous landscape of honest, gritty stories. Recorded in Nashville, the album credits are a veritable Who's Who of the Music City's musicians and production talent: Produced by William Gawley, mixed and engineered by Bryce Roberts, mastered by Mike Monseur, with Michelle Robertson handling A&R. Taylor recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville with one helluva backing band including: drummer Wayne Killius, bassist Dave Francis, acoustic guitarist Pat McGrath, David Flint on electric, baritone, and acoustic guitars, and mandolin, Chris Nole playing piano and keys, Deanie Richardson on fiddle, James Paul Mitchell on pedal steel guitar and dobro, and Billy Thomas supplying the background vocals.

Taylor's got a clean-cut image but his voice and lyrics tell tales of blue collar America--from love to agriculture and the challenges of mental health and insecurity that society has just recently started giving its due diligence when it comes to health and happiness. "Heart On The Run," "Broken Souls," and "Carry You Home" all touch on aspects of our interpersonal relationships. Taylor sums up "Heart On The Run" as "I’m fine, but I could be better with your help."

Not Alone is authentic, emotional, tried and true. Taylor's voice resonates with a thoughtfulness and introspection you don't hear much in new music. But these are the things that attracted him to his blend between Singer/Songwriter style and straightforward Country. He studied Jazz formally into college but was called to a sound that relates to a more broad audience, packaged in a more easily digestible format.

What you've got with Not Alone is Nick Taylor putting his heart on his sleeve. He says of the record, "Debut albums are a milestone for any artist, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share one myself." So take a moment to listen to Nick's brand new music. You can listen, follow, and learn a whole lot more about Nick Taylor and his music at

Posted on 7/3/24