Oh My My My My (Single)

by Mr MooQ

Track listing: Oh My My My My

Mysterious. Ethereal. Deep. The sonic space created by Mr. MooQ's latest single "Oh My My My My" is vast. An exploration of love and love lost. He paints an instrumental panorama to send his message. Production-wise, harkening back to late 80s Sting--wispy, flowing, almost spirital. "Fields of Gold" era. Maybe a bit of Peter Gabriel thrown in for good measure, as far as the song carrying a bit of quirkiness with its meaningful messaging.

Mr. MooQ explains that he carries with him "a cargo load of life experiences" and through his songwriting attempts to pass along his lessons learned. "Oh My My My My" is one of the more sad stories he's got to tell. "You'll always be the one that got away," he mourns.

We've all got these stories to tell, right? We've loved, we've won, we've lost. In "Oh My My My My," Mr. MooQ sings so clearly words that we've all felt. We know the pain. We know the regret. But do we know Mr. MooQ? Learn more about this interesting character and the tales he's got to tell at mrmooq.com.

Posted on 3/25/23