Plastecene Terrain

by KonstantinAS

Track listing: Movement 1 (Inertia), Megatree+, Megatree-, Chapter 4, Mind Arkheology, Time Reflected

From a very young age KonstantinAS (London, UK) found a true affinity for music. He loved both Arabian and Indian music and the work of great musicians such as Jimmy Page and Ravi Shankar. He saw a vast, untapped realm of creativity and mind expansion within the works of these artists.

KonstantinAS’ latest release Plastecene Terrain is an otherworldly, mystical journey of guitar and keys which spontaneously spaz through your sense and cross every genre you’ve heard and haven’t heard. It’s a painting of your mind, beautiful and graceful then swiftly bashed into a billion pieces. This work of art is as incredibly striking as it is utterly frightening—a full sensory blast off, brilliantly packaged as a DVD with video for each track that carefully corresponds with imagery.

The tracks on Plastecene Terrain are instantaneous compositions, literally written and performed in the moment allowing you the listener to experience firsthand the creation. Every song is dramatically sensory with outlandish guitar leads and rhythms coupled with an ambience so strangely undefined it’s insane.

This album will catapult the listener’s senses into a spiritual eruption, challenging you for your full attention. Experience it the way it was intended with the accompanying imagery or find your own images to soak up—but either way look at something while you listen and experience a musical trance. The damn album is named after a popular Soviet children’s animated film—sorry but that sold me right away.

Absolutely mind blowing.

Posted on 5/22/13