Please Come Over (Single)

by Matt Burke

Matt Burke's travels have taken him from Florida to Chicago and back, then on to Nashville in hopes of elevating his music career. "Please Come Over" is his third single since moving to Nashville, doing so amidst the peak of the pandemic in 2020. With an interesting twist to show Nash-Vegas his versatility, Matt is putting unique spins on each single. One may be a ballad lamenting some heartache, the next an anthem that harkens back to the Outlaw Country era.

Well there ain't no mistakin' that "Please Come Over" is straight-ahead, in-your-face Nashville pop rock. While you could nitpick the formulaic arrangement, you can't knock that Burke's nailed a standard Nashville pop-rocker. He even goes a little more aggressive than most, with heavier distortion on the guitar and a brighter, more present drum level.

I - can't look away
'cause you - keep smiling at me
And now - you're walking my way
Smirking at me like you got something to say
Then you take my hand
Pull me on the floor cause you're ready to dance
Girl you got it and you know it, so bring it my way

Nashville producers and labels: Do you need a good-lookin' cowboy to write and belt out some hits? Look no further. Matt Burke's in town and he's cranking out new singles that are sure to suit your needs. Keep and eye on his Spotify and Soundcloud for when the latest songs drop.

Posted on 3/11/21