Politikal Pimpin’ Volume I

by RoGizz Black Blago

Track listing: Blago’s Theme (Produced by S.C.), Legal Off the Law, Swimming With her Jaws, Who I’m Is featuring Nemesis (Produced by Standout Muzik), Incredible featuring Paypa, Chris Crack and Cutta (Produced by Cutta), Cigarettes and Pepsi (Produced by Echem Pahkwah), I Got That Cat, Ridin Through My City (Produced by S.C.), Foot In Her Azz, What U Twerkin Wit, Outro: Fantastic Trip (Produced by S.C.)

Chicago rapper RoGizz Black Blago doesn't fuck around. His beats are fresh, creative, and rival the best in the game right now. RoGizz rhymes are raw and dirty, but witty and well-crafted. His lyrics aren't suitable for work, and Politikal Pimpin' Volume I is not an album you'll buy for your mom.

The album starts off with an old school R&B big band groove in "Intro-Blago's Theme (prod. by S.C.)." The track sets the tone with his crisp vocal tone and declarative, almost humorous delivery. The album cover carries a similar vibe—professionally done, but satirical and not overly serious. RoGizz isn't as wacky as Outkast, but imagine some of their more straight hip-hop tracks put through a Dave Chappelle filter.

"Legal Off The Law" drops names like Keyser Söze and Samantha Fox but is far from a collection of pop culture references. His rapping is at his fastest, and the production is Kanye-esque in its tighness.

Politikal Pimpin' Volume I continues with graphic statements about former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and graphic descriptions of oral sex in "Swimming With Her Jaws." "Cigarettes and Pepsi" isn't the best song on the album, but it thrives on its catchy title and steady lyrical pace.

RoGizz is the real deal. Throw him on 106 and Park and he's a natural superstar. Dreamworks Records recognized his talent and signed him before their own demise, as the entire record industry crumbled.

RoGizz Black Blago is a worthy addition to your iPod, and he's been around long enough that you have several albums to choose from. Politikal Pimpin' Volume I is the latest addition to his collection and should be yours, too.

Posted on 1/4/13