Protégé of Plies

by Jeb Bush

Track listing: I Do Dis, Junkie, Dats My Bae ft JR, Like A Skrippa, Outta Fort Myers

Jeb Bush is making some noise down in The Sunshine State. No, not John Ellis "Jeb" Bush the former politician who served as the 43rd Governor of Florida. This noise comes from Jaycent “Jeb Bush” Jackson from Fort Myers, who's built a rep opening up for major artists such as Chip Tha Ripper, Tom G, Iceberg, Trick Daddy, Royce da 5’9, and Frank Lini.

His latest EP titled Protégé of Plies is five tracks of a “Southern Rap” or “Dirty South” sound, laden with synthesizer; drum machines, turntables, and legitimate rapping skills. “I Do Dis” simply demonstrates his determination of hitting up the studio, working hard, real talking, and sexual innuendo with the ladies. If that does not catch your attention, then you might need to check out his music video for this track. Jeb is literally working his ass off in the studio and showing people that he is the real deal.

“Outta Fort Myers” captures Jeb's originality, with the lyrics and style he writes to sing about his hometown, women, money, iconic natives, and fashion, with believable, authentic lyrics. Jeb personally connects with his fans through “Dats My Bae,” which truly defines who he really is as an artist: a prodigious rapper who tells it as it is.

All in all, this Jeb Bush is one to keep your ears open for in the near future as he prepares to make a huge impact in the rap game. Not only does he pride himself to promote his own music the right way, but he also does everything for his fans. Jeb’s EP is a very personal and deep project that allowed him to speak his mind (real talk) about the issues he wants to speak. Remember, his flows are very persuasive, dark, humorous, and truthful, and leave you asking for more.

Posted on 1/14/13