Raise Up

by Phil Jones Band

Track listing: The Perfect Wave, Raise Up, Time, Are You Aligned?, The Golden Race, Angels, Gone, Roots

Phil Jones has played music since childhood, and late in the last century was performing with Mad Tea Party in Hermosa Beach, California. In 2000 Phil relocated to Kauai, where his sound became infused with the music of the island. Today, Phil is preparing to release his next album, Raise Up.

The sound of the Phil Jones Band is unique. Phil's vocal style is a low spoken rumbling, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Mark Knopfler. The production style is very reverb-friendly, creating an ethereal vibe often laid over uptempo percussion tracks, topped with multiple lead and slide guitars.

The combination of dance-like beats, Phil's ghostly voice, and the island-influenced multiple lead guitars make for an odd, compelling combination. Envision a Polynesian club remix of a Pink Floyd song, with guest-vocalist Tom Waits.

As mysterious as the Phil Jones Band is musically, their lyrics are clear and decisive. Phil writes inspired by positivity, equality, and peace. The Phil Jones Band would challenge the cookie-cutter approach of mainstream radio, to both their credit and detriment. But should you find yourself on The Island, look up the Phil Jones Band for an experience unlike most may encounter while on a Hawaiian getaway.

Posted on 12/22/12