Red Flags (Single)

by The Band Kris

The Band Kris is no stranger to dealing with serious topics through the medium of pop songs. It was the loss of their brother to depression that inspired both the writing of their song "Dear Kris" and their performances at American Suicide Prevention Walks, with the goal of bringing attention to struggle so many of us deal with on a regular basis.

With their latest release "Red Flags" they tackle toxic relationships, a topic that has been at the forefront of pop culture in recent years. And while this site is certainly not qualified to offer qualified help, it's worth restating that if you are in a relationship that you feel is damaging to your mental or physical help, do seek help. There are many online resources. Just a couple of articles we found quickly were via and

Could've left at the first red flag
Or the third, or the fourth, or the fifth after that
You finally broke me
This is my last red flag warning
He adored me before he completely destroyed me
So thank you for giving me a reason,
My last fucking reason, my reason to leave...
Now I got my reason to leave

"'Red Flags' is finally seeing the toxic relationship for what it really is," the duo explains. "It’s hard to admit that you willingly stayed in a relationship that you knew was destroying you. But, here we are to admit that we both have been there. 'Red Flags' is our testimony to those relationships. If you have been looking for a sign to end a relationship, may this song be your reason to leave."

The song's production is sweet, almost Spice-Girls-ballad sweet. With the right promotion it could deservingly become an anthem of independence for those who have broken out (or are in the midst of breaking-out) of a place of toxicity.

The sisters' harmonies are sibling-like in their beauty, something you see with the Ann & Nancy Wilsons or Matthew & Gunnar Nelsons of the world. There's just something about bloodlines that make harmonies so much more rich than those who aren't related.

Take a listen, share the song, and keep an eye on The Band Kris. They've got more coming in the very immediate future.

Posted on 3/6/21