Reflections of Reality

by Chords of Truth

Track listing: Tune Your Mind, Listen, Moments, When I Was Wasted, The Power to Be Alive, Pop or Soda, What Life Is About

Chords of Truth's EP Reflections of Reality is a solid set of acoustic folk songs that contain powerful lyrics and wonderful vocal abilities which suit the serious-but-fun mood that the band is trying to express. While the guitar parts are pretty straightforward, songwriter and lead singer Jason Garriotte has the vocal and lyrical abilities to stand out amongst the crowd.

The first song, “Tune Your Mind,” has a simplistic guitar part that displays Jason's influences, Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul, and Mary. The lyrics make this song. The song opens “Throughout history there has been ideas about how it all began/ What plane we have all come from/ And our existence from now on.” As the song plays on, it seems that Jason has taken tremendous care to ensure that his listeners get something out of the song, perhaps a reflective nature.

“Pop or Soda” is a fun song, allowing the listener to take a breather from the serious nature of the first half of the EP. This song displays one of the more complex guitar parts of all of the songs, allowing Garriotte's playing to shine.

The EP ends with “What Life Is About.” The beautiful intro shows the talent and depth of Jason’s guitar playing. This song is probably the best song on the album, and deserves earlier placement on the record to mix things up a bit more.

Jason Garriotte's Chords of Truth allows a singer/songwriter to shine. Catch Jason on tour starting in March of 2013, when he will release multiple remix albums of Reflections of Reality.

Posted on 1/20/13