Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle Vol. 2

by Scabsallover

Before releasing Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle Vol.2, Scabsallover released Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle Vol.1. In writing it, songwriter Jared Carmona attributed the creation of his debut to a great personal loss. After a breakdown, in tears, he banged on his machine, programmed everything live, and released all of his emotion into volume one.

After a two-year absence, Scabsallover prepares to make his splash in the independent EDM/Glitch-hop scene with the second volume in his Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle series.

In one sentence, Vol. 2 is a collection of aural sensations jumbled together to inspire the mind of the listener to strive for happiness through simplicity of thought and strength of will. In two words, you might arrive at "Soulful Glitch" (or at least that's what Scabsallover strives for).

This fourteen minute and twenty-one second electronica exploration travels from one movement into another—not divided so much into "songs" as into vibes, emotions, or conveyances of thought. In a way, it's a departure from the typical arrangement of an album, and is more interesting because it's not just a compilation of songs placed together. It's sort of like a rave, all packed into a 14-minute soundtrack.

Scabsallover - Robotic Lion Snapping Turtle vol.2 will be available digitally at on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.

Posted on 1/27/13