Silent Street

by Rene Erickson

Track listing: Jump Cut, Never Gone, No Sleep, Mended Fences, Silent Street, Q&A, Firefly, Found Friend, Better Left Unsaid, Every Nothing, Somewhere Warm

The album art may be dark, industrial, and brooding in nature but Rene Erickson's Silent Street is a breath of fresh, Spring air. This work entirely composed of instrumental guitar tracks sets a mood. Introspection. Serenity. Beauty. In a world of 1-hit-everything and 10-second TikTok viral noise, Erickson has put forth a work that politely asks you to sit down, relax, and remember why we're all here.

There's not a whole lot to say about the production behind Silent Street. It's guitar. Some acoustic, some electric (or at least electronically affected). Speed is not the name of the game, either. This is not a release featuring the latest guitar virtuoso, although the performance is extremely well-done, clean, and practiced. Rene Erickson is sending us a lesson of peace through Silent Street

While "Mended Fences" has a bit more of a Southern flair, most of the rest of the album is somewhat genre agnostic--a soundtrack for your day, when the day is one you plan to enjoy to the utmost. Listen through Silent Street yourself. But don't merely listen to log another number on a stream-counter. Play it while doing something you love. Play it with someone you love. Or have it be the backdrop for your afternoon outside with a refreshment and an old friend. 

Posted on 3/24/23