by Post Trauma

Track listing: Heartbreaker, Night Shift, I'm That Guy, I Get High, End in Friend, Typewriter, Get Up In The A.M., Bitter, Wrong Parts, Ain't Much, The Road

Fun. Wacky. But not without a serious approach to their craft. Post Trauma aren't the metal band their name seemingly conveys.

Sleepless is the first half of a double album that Post Trauma is releasing within six months of each other. The songs cover every day, ordinary topics—the bummer of waking up each day, stealing girlfriends in spite of "the man code," and a humorous biographical exploration of "that guy."

Post Trauma embodies the laid back attitude of Jimmy Buffett, the silly humor of They Might Be Giants, and the music of...hmmm...well, Post Trauma. It's somewhat like country, but not. At the same time, it's not quite rock 'n' roll. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Sleepless (and its counterpart Dreamless) is the brainchild of Billy Ulrich, who decided one day he needed to put his thoughts to music. The result are the 25 tracks that comprise his debut double album. The songs also seem to serve as a veritable psychological profile of Ulrich himself.

Some of the songs are about pivotal events in my high octane life, while others simply describe the daily routine of being a health care professional by day, a rocker at night, and a full time dreamer, all day, every day.
- Billy Ulrich, Post Trauma songwriter/lyricist

Critically speaking, Sleepless isn't going to win a Grammy for its multi-million dollar production budget. It's a band with some gear who've chronicled their first couple dozen songs in studio. But the band isn't going for the razzle dazzle of Lady Gaga, or even the sparse (and overplayed) brilliance of Gotye.

Post Trauma want you to hear their songs, smile, and come along for the ride with them. With all the fun and quirkiness packed into Sleepless, one can only wonder what's in store for Dreamless, due out in the summer of '13.

Posted on 1/2/13