so far

by Bryan Gorsira

Track listing: Searching, Give Me A Day, Hello (Reprise), Caught, The Best Years, New World, Something Right, Again, StepChild, Ramble

Bryan Gorsira's new album so far brings together his original songs, new and old, in a collection that features the singer/songwriter-styled aspects of his repertoire. Where past efforts have moved swiftly across genres and moods reflective of his broad musical influences, Gorsira's aim with so far is to create a more cohesive compilation of his writing. In addition to the new songs, on which he sings and plays guitar, so far's ten tracks come from his 2008 release, The Best Years, and 2007's New World.

so far is self-described as being made up of songs "about searching for that hard to catch mate, finding him or her, and enjoying it all when caught." And what is clear on this album, as with The Best Years, is that Gorsira has an immense amount of love that he has chosen to express through his songs. His lyrics are sincere, heartfelt, and present to the listener a genuine story of love found and thoroughly embraced.

"Something Right" captures an any-day moment...

Wife is working hard putting flowers in the dirt
Her garden hands are turning brown
Throws me a smile that still melts my heart
I just nod and walk my way

And all is right with my world today
Let the sun shine down

Sparse and simple, the new songs "Something Right," "Again," and "StepChild" anchor so far's second half. His lead vocal, mellow and controlled, adds an even more personal touch to his songs. His voice comes across delightfully unpolished, completely on target melodically but with a meekness that befits the humble thankfulness in the lyrics.

Posted on 12/20/09