Soldier (single)

by J Almighty

Track listing: Soldier, Soldier (remix)

J Almighty's faith in God unashamedly inspired the rapper to record his latest single, "Soldier." While some rappers hesitate to profess their Christianity for fear of being labeled 'soft' or in some way 'gospel,' J Almighty embraces it, and pulls strength from it.

I have no problem expressing my faith in God through my music.

Coincidentally, the production on "Soldier" takes on a deliberate march vibe a la Kanye's "Jesus Walks." But producer Marcus "Seige" White put his own mark on the song through techniques like the reverb-heavy, haunting, high-pitched voice heard over the verses.

"Soldier" is really about J Almighty, the person—his rhymes, rhythms, and delivery—sending a message to fans about his own priorities. While many artists front one reputation and live according to an entirely separate set of rules, J Almighty puts it all out front with "Soldier."

Posted on 5/29/13