Sometimes I Cry (Single)

by Drew Faith

Track listing: Sometimes I Cry

On this 4th of July, Los Angeles based Country/Gospel artist Drew Faith dropped his latest single, "Sometimes I Cry." It's a deliberate, honest heavy-hitter of a tune that puts a spotlight on his intense baritone voice backed by a chorus of gospel singers.

You can't really talk about Drew Faith without addressing his aforementioned voice. It's the elephant in the room and it plays a big role in the appeal of his songs to his fans. But with "Sometimes I Cry" you get a peek into his broader appeal--his songwriting, arrangements, and production. 

The usage of keyboards in this tune is great, with church-sounding organ hitting the backbeats in the chorus. The sparse but effective lead guitar work brings to mind those tasty B.B. King leads, where he'd just pick a few notes but damn they'd be just right for each moment in the song.

The overall tone of "Sometimes I Cry" is that of a wistful, sorrowful blues classic. Makes you wanna drown in your beer (or vice of choice that you lean on when overcome with emotion). Not that Drew Faith is drowning in beer because of his love for the Lord--I'm just makin' a genre-wide observation here. :) 

Take a listen to "Sometimes I Cry" if you haven't already and take a few minutes to poke around on while you're at it. The site is chock full of videos, links to his socials and streaming platforms, and much more.

Posted on 7/8/24