Soul Remedy

by Honey and Hustle

Track listing: Talk to Treasure, Stormy, Only Blues for Me, Soul Remedy, Sun Will Shine, Rue the Rush, He Said, Leave the World Behind

Honey and Hustle is a 9-member powerhouse Blues/Soul/R&B band with a full album entitled Soul Remedy slated for release in March of 2025. Leading up to the album release they've got several single releases scheduled. The first is "Only Blues For Me" set for a July 11, 2024 release on YouTube, as well as all major streaming platforms. 

"Only Blues For Me" is a slow and sultry love song drawing metaphorical comparisons to the genre itself. Deliberately paced, the horns punctuate each phrase tightly, the backbeat sits tight and deep in the pocket. Lead singer Kat Snapp's vocal timbre is ideal for this flavor of Blues--her satiny tone soothes right along with the rhythm section's groove. Co-founder of Honey and Hustle, guitarist Sam Kaufmann delivers a tastefully sparse solo, dancing over the chord progression without drawing too much attention from the song as a whole. 

With no single release date scheduled yet, "Sun Will Shine" has a bit more funk to it while also presenting a chill vibe with its Hammond B3 (or is there a Rhodes piano, or both?) bubbling lightly along with the melody. The production takes advantage of brass and vocal harmonies to create a rich, broad soundscape. "Stormy" comes at you with a little more attitude and distortion on the guitar, upping the funkiness ante. Then "Soul Remedy" brings in a sentimental sweetness, channeling some Joni Mitchell aura in with the traditional blues ballad arrangement. 

The group cites influences including Steve Winwood, Tedeschi Trucks, and Amy Winehouse. There are certainly elements of each in the songs, but not so derivative that Honey and Hustle sounds like any of them. You hear the Winehouse influence in the vocals. The guitar tone could sit right alongside the rest of Tedeschi Trucks' lineup, and those gorgeous, delicate keys channel Winwood from his Traffic days through his solo career.

Until the first single is released, do yourself a favor and get in some sneak peeks on the band's YouTube Channel. You can also follow their Spotify profile and follow them on Instagram @honeynhustle. Honey and Hustle has a sound you'll want more of. Share 'em with your Blues-loving friends and maybe bring a few Blues converts with you along the way. 

Posted on 6/27/24