Stanford Hazy

by Stanford Hazy

Track listing: Play, Survive, Come and Get It, Did You Notice, Pilgrim, Words, Stay Away

Finland’s Stanford Hazy have released a self-titled album which sounds heavily influenced by some of rocks biggest and best including Metallica and Korn. The group came into being when Antti (guitar), Matti (vocals), and J-P (drums) got together to share their creative influences and start a rock band. The group has also collaborated with Helsinki based rapper Joona to bring a hip hop element to the group, and the collaboration worked so well that he has become part of their current lineup.

“Play” is the opening track on the new album and the driving guitar and bass lines let the audience know that Stanford Hazy is ready to rock with their Guns N’ Roses style vocals and the pounding drums reminiscent of Pantera.

“Survive” begins with electronic sounds and rapping that is softly mixed into the background to kick off the songs’ explosive core.

“Did You Notice” kicks off with a tribal beat on the toms from drummer J-P that blasts into a head banging metal anthem, complete with crashing china cymbals, and the driving trash can sound adds to the song’s darkness. The guitar riffs are pure speed metal as Antti shreds fearlessly, and channels his mentors of decades past.

While Stanford Hazy’s work isn’t entirely original, their passion and drive to succeed combined with their competent musicianship will likely propel them to bigger and better things.

Posted on 5/28/13