Sugar Coated Sadness (Single)

by Sister Wife

Track listing: Sugar Coated Sadness

"Sugar Coated Sadness" is the debut single by Austin-based artist Sister Wife. The plaintive-yet-upbeat synth pop gem was co-produced by Grammy award-winning producer Scott Robinson and multi-platinum artist & producer, Petro AP. It is one of four Sister Wife singles set for release by January 2023.

The vibe is quintessential Alt Nation playlist material, aligns sonically and poetically right alongside the likes of Holly Humberstone, Imagine Dragons, Portugal. The Man. 

Lyrically "Sugar Coated Sadness" deals with the challenges of internalizing one's emotions for the benefit of others. "I'll save a little face, I'll say what you want me to say; Sugar coated sadness I'm so good at faking it; Sugar coated sadness tired of the taste of it."

i feel be bitter so it's better that I just be left alone
god i hate this feeling but it feels like home

Sister Wife hopes with her own songs to provide the perspective and healing she's received from her own musical influences. Expect her forthcoming singles to similarly delve into these issues of one's emotional and mental health.

The track is currently available on Spotify and Sister Wife updates will be posted to their Instagram @sisterwife.

Posted on 10/11/22