Surf Song 89

by The Unswept

Upon listening to "Surf Song 89" by English pop band The Unswept it is clear to that the band has talent, which apparently runs in the family since the group is comprised of cousins Charlie and Ryan O’Brien. While the two split musical duties, both are multi-instrumentalists.

The duo formed their first band, The Council Wales, when they were attending a London university. But after that group’s first single barely managed to chart in England, the band went their separate ways and the cousins moved to Chicago, where they now reside.

The Unswept's new Surf Song EP is comprised of carefree pop songs that seem to serve as a tribute to bands before their time, most notably The Beach Boys. The first single, “Surf Song 89,” conjures up a drive to the beach and laying in the summer sun. While the lyrics “I wish I was a Beach Boy, and I wish you were my girl” might come off as corny, The Unswept embrace youth and good vibrations with their music. The band is not likely to lose sleep, weighing themselves down with breaking new literary ground in their songwriting.

Posted on 1/29/13