Ten Pieces for Voice, Strings and Percussion

by 3 Penny Opera

Track listing: Cycle, Forgotten Days, She Waits By the Sea, Boatman’s Daughter, San Francisco, Diamonds, Virgin, Alcohol and Nicotine, Cancion de América, When You Comin’ Home Tonight?

Released: 1999
Best track: "Cancion"
Track to skip: all are good
Rating: 92 out of 100

I think for the first time I’m actually listening to this on its own merits, as opposed to “this is what they did after they fired me. Grrrrrr.” This is a damn good album. I can’t decide how it compares to 90% Live, but I think taken as a whole it might be better. Am I actually admitting that? Yeah, I am.

The band had matured a LOT in the past year as well as picking up new bassist Scott Laws. Scott does a good job on most of the tracks, but I have to admit that his predecessor played most of these songs better. Scott is a monster on "Cancion," however. I sure as hell never played it that good. Overall Scott sounds good on here and, as a bassist, I have no complaints…except for "Virgin." I think he played too much on there, the song calls for more space from everyone. Let America’s voice fill it out. I also wish she had of done the full vocal line at the end of the bridge on it, but oh well.

The songs are all really good on here with Bryan Dunn sounding the best he ever has on a recording. The flow of the album is perfect with every song complimenting the one before it. I can nit-pick and say stupid little things that aren’t perfect (like above), but all that really doesn’t matter. This is a great album. I have no idea if this is still available or not, but it’s worth seeking out, esp. for "Cancion."

Posted on 4/15/02