The 2014 Demos

by CalatrilloZ

Track listing: Origins, Lords of Misery, A Glimpse at a Fool's Destiny

CalatrilloZ is a London-based epic metal group forged in the cauldrons of Hell. They bring melodic composition to the table that rivals Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with the chops and grandeur of Dethklok. The sound and the fury come together in the form of men who resemble the evil offspring of King Diamond and KISS.

The band's latest releases are in demo form—three songs that will ultimately comprise their next full-length album. But for the moment, "Origins," "Lords of Misery," and "A Glimpse at a Fool's Destiny" live on their own, impressive works that fuel a metal fan's hunger for more.

"Origins" channels Viking-rock orchestration and Yngwie-like shredding, with operatic vocals soaring across choral-infused choruses. "Lords of Misery" marches into a darkness reminiscent of Ozzy's "Mr. Crowley," but following the ominous intro leads you into a vocal display that would bring a smile to Freddie Mercury's face. "Glimpse..." takes us through a dark and stormy musical cemetery, continuing to bring forth CalatrilloZ's stellar musicianship, tight leads, and impressive vocals.

It's unclear both visually and sonically just what universe spawned Zahyin (vocals), Mobius (bass), and Count Viktor (bass). But they've come to London bearing their unique melodic gifts. Listen if you dare, and stay tuned for the still-to-come musical spirit animals (let's call them "songs") that CalatrilloZ has yet to unleash upon us.

Posted on 4/7/14