The Corner of My Eye

by Dan Hazlett

Track listing: Alchemy of Fish, What the Heart Knows, Empty Room, The Corner of My Eye, Alien, Nobody’s Fool, Built to Last, Postcard from Paris, Secret Tattoo, Basic Hard to Tell, The Other Side of Dawn, Where the Blue Meets the Blue

Okay, here we go. To begin to make an attempt at putting Dan Hazlett’s musical body of work in a box would be an act of musical treason. His work in studio whether it be behind the boards, in the vocal booth, or playing guitar, he truly has the ear and brain for this music thing.

A skillful and refined performer in his own right, Dan has entertained and uplifted his fans with his unique, expressive voice and elegantly written song structure. On his latest release entitled The Corner of My Eye, Dan charms music lovers with songs of everyday life and joy—those feel good tunes when you’re cruising around on a beautiful day.

The opening track on the album, “Alchemy of Fish,” is a light and cheerful tale with peaceful lyrics about a sunny day that form into a greater lesson to be learned, “all things must change.”

Dan offers a little bit of something for everyone—a total Elvis Costello vibe on the song “Empty Room.” Lyrically the song tells various stories of different folks and what they are dealing with on an ordinary day. Hazlett’s very soft and unique voice is really brought to the listener’s attention on “The Other Side of Dawn.” An upbeat tempo with interwoven horns and a steady array of piano licks compliment his voice.

This album marks Hazlett’s ninth studio release, a truly remarkable accomplishment and a testament to this extremely talented and well-rounded individual’s accomplishments.

Posted on 5/22/13