The Heavy Guilt

by The Heavy Guilt

Track listing: Run In Circles, Summer Came, Goin’ Home, Before The Fall, Call Me, If You, Next To Know, Into The Fray, God Burning Eyes, Seattle, A Little Truth, Last Letter, Thoughts

Sometimes timing can be the heaviest influencer in our success rate as people looking to achieve our goals. Timing couldn’t be any more perfect for San Diego’s, The Heavy Guilt. With the current state of affairs in popular music this bands arrival of new material is perfect.

The group’s latest self-titled release comes with hard-hitting, bluesy riffs and well-placed, well-timed (time is a theme with this band apparently!) organ licks—such as on the song “Goin’ Home,” giving the listener a Black Keys meets the Doors vibe. Much of the same can be heard on the track “Before The Fall,” with a killer-distorted opening riff and beautifully placed organ—this track will take your soul on a joy ride.

The Heavy Guilt takes influence from artists whom they truly have a high regard for and are keen on—weaving together flawlessly their sound. However, to describe The Heavy Guilt as super-original would be imaginary. Lets be honest though, who cares? This band fucking rocks and they play what they like in a time when our music scene is begging for more ballsy, hard-hitting acts to stray away from the norm of straight folk-rock.

Attention rock music fans, get off your ass and go check out The Heavy Guilt, it’s okay to be thrilled about new music.

Posted on 5/5/13