The past increases, the future recedes

by Brian Scott Elmer

Track listing: Timeless, Gets me right, Sing my shame, Lovesong, Freedom of choice, Come together

The past increases, the future recedes is the latest release by artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist Brian Scott Elmer. The EP features 3 originals and 3 covers and a different vocalist on each track, singing over the music entirely performed and produced entirely by Elmer himself.

Among the covers is a driving rendition of The Cure's "Lovesong," predominantly sticking to the sound, tempo, and vibe of the original, powered by a bit more distortion and crunchiness across the rhythm guitar. But Elmer's rendition of The Beatles' "Come Together" is a striking departure from the original--much heavier guitar, booming drum tones, and a great deal of creative license taken with twists and turns in the vocal harmonies.

Among the EP's originals, you've got a heavy, thick-as-mud set of influences that crosses a Southern Rock vibe with a bit of Soundgarden-y grunge-y plunder. In one moment you hear the Alice in Chains signature lower 4th harmony right alongside a Hammond B3. Brilliant.

"Sing my shame" brings a sonic relief after four homerun rockers, with its angelic vocal harmonies soaring over acoustic guitar and piano. Elmer knows what he wants, and in place of filling the vocal role himself it's apparent how carefully he chooses just the right voice for each composition. "Timeless" rounds out the EP with a sparse guitar track and voice that harkens back to Cornell. A beautiful end to a solid record.

The past increases, the future recedes rocks and rolls and then gently lays you down by the album's end. An ass-kicker that brings the listener both the new and unfamiliar. Keep up with Brian Scott Elmer on Spotify.

Posted on 5/15/23